PureTAN • GLOW GIRL, Natalie Roser

GLOW GIRL, Natalie Roser

Meet this weeks GLOW GIRL..

Natalie Roser- Model, Social Media star and face of pureTAN

natalie roser

Natalie Roser is the name on everyone’s lips. She’s a stunningly beautiful, fun loving Aussie beach babe and our pureTAN ambassador.

Embodying all that is an Australian bronzed goddess, Nat joined pureTAN as the face of the brand last summer and we’re thrilled to release the new glowing campaign featuring our Glow Girl once again.

We sat down with our girl for a quick 5 minute chat. Get to know a little about Natalie Roser..

Nickname: Nat… Original, I know.

Current Mood: Ecstatic!

How did you start your career: I entered the Girlfriend Magazine Model Search Competition in 2004 and that landed me a contract with my agency!

Favourite Part of Your Job: I love the variety that it offers! I get to experience something new every day.

Best Kept Beauty Secret: Coconut oil. For everything!

3 Things You Cant live without: My man, my family and pizza!

Fave Holiday Destination: I recently visited the Bahamas and I fell in love with the islands!

Currently listening to: Frank Ocean

Whats Next for you: Hanging out and working in Sydney and enjoying the warmer weather until I choose my next overseas destination!

Favourite pureTAN Product: The 100% organic coconut oil.

Follow Natalie on instagram @natalie_roser

Glow xx


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