We know that applying fake tan to your body can be hard enough, but when it comes to your face it’s something most of us have yet to conquer; luckily PureTAN’s Face Tan makes tanning your face a whole lot easier with it’s ultra light-weight cream that is instantly absorbed leaving your skin feeling light and naturally bronzed.

face tanHere’s how to do it:

Be face ready

Wash your face with your normal cleanser and then gently exfoliate your face, making sure you keep away from oil-based products as oils create a barrier towards tan.

There is no need to moisturize your face as our PureTAN Face tan has a moisturising formulation, including coconut oil. It also includes an SPF 15, so it protects your skin while it nourishes and tans.

Apply the Tan

Wash and dry your hands and make sure you are in a well lit space so that you can see exactly how and where you’re applying the tan to your face. Apply a small amount of PureTAN Face tan – about the size of a small coin – and don’t forget you can always add more if you like later.

Apply the tan as if you were applying moisturizer, using circular motions with your fingertips to blend it evenly as you would a foundation all around your face up to your hair line and under your chin.

If you’re a first timer, PureTAN’s self-tan application Mitt makes your application a lot easier to blend in. And using a small amount the first time allows for the option to apply more later if you haven’t achieved your desired tan yet.


Wash your hands immediately and wait 10-15 minutes for the formula to dry.

Don’t forget to use a foundation that matches your new sun kissed colour to ensure it looks as natural as possible.

Happy tanning


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