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Madi Edwards, GLOW GIRL.


Madi Edwards- She’s bronzed, she’s beautiful and she’s the ultimate pureTAN babe.

Madi joined us on our recent trip to Bali to shoot alongside our other pure beauties Brooke Hogan and Sarah Czarnuch. She features throughout our latest series of campaign images on the beautiful beach and cliff top pool of Karma Kandara, and managed to make us (the professional tanners!) envious of her deep tan.

Rocking bikini’s from Jets Swimwear and Kopper & Zink, Madi lights up our campaign with her amazing beach bod.

We took a quick break to ask the fun beauty a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Nickname: Madi, Madz, Mad, M

Current mood: Happy!

How did you start your career: I started my Career when I was scouted by Dallys Models in Brisbane at 17!

Favourite part of your job: Meeting new creative and inspiring people everyday!

Best kept beauty secret: I sleep with an Organic Mask almost every night!

3 Things you can’t live without: My best friend -Annalise, coffee and my phone

Favourite holiday destination: Bali! Probably would be something like the Maldives but i have never been… YET!

Currently listening to: Work – Rhianna

Whats next for you: LA for three months

Favourite pureTAN product: The Coconut Body Creme <3

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To tan or not to tan while pregnant? Reevaluating your beauty routine when you’re pregnant is a very important thing to do for the health of your baby. Women use so many chemicals on their body every day from soap and shampoo, to hair dye, nail polish and makeup. So it’s only natural to research what parts of your regular beauty routine are now safe or unsafe.

We get tonnes of enquiries about the safety of using self tan during pregnancy – so here’s the answer mummy’s…. Salon spray tans and home tanning application products are considered to be safe in pregnancy. The active ingredient in fake tan (DHA) is non-toxic. DHA does not penetrate the outer layer of the skin, so is not absorbed into the blood stream, which makes it perfectly fine to use whilst pregnant. Sun beds are definitely not safe. Aside from the unsafe levels of UV rays, it is dangerous in pregnancy to have an elevated body temperature. So if you’re feeling a bit pale, stick to a spray tan or home application.

Our pureTAN range is 100% Australian made and contains natural plant based and organic ingredients including Green Tea, Aloe Vera , Organic Coconut oil and macadamia oil. The DHA used in our spray tan is natural plant based DHA derived from sugar cane and formula is free from parabens, Pegs, sulphates and mineral oils.

With her second baby on the way, pureTAN founder Danielle Fletcher is an advocate for tanning throughout a pregnancy. She loves keeping a golden glow whilst pregnant – it’s the one thing to make her feel sexy and hides all the bumps and lumps!

The gorgeous Sarah Jane Young – Lifestyle blogger at She is Sarah Jane,  and founder of @mummieswholunch is a huge fan of our range and kept her golden glow all through her pregnancy with baby Mia using our PureBronze Instant tanning foam and professional spray tan in Dark.

Let’s face it. A tan makes you feel good and we all love to be glowing from tip to toe, so embrace your beautiful bronzed curves.



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How to make your tan last as long as possible..

spray tan puretan

Okay, you’ve done the hard part – standing stark naked in front of a stranger while they spray brown liquid all over your body….now you have to make sure you maintain the tan and make sure it lasts.

I know I know, I said the hard part was over, but luckily for you our PureTAN products have just what you need to make your job a lot easier in making your skin glow and look sun kissed for longer.



After your shower it is important to moisturise, our Coconut Body Crème contains organic coconut oil that hydrates and moisturises the skin which helps the tan to last

Remember, the more you moisturise once you have received the tan, the longer the tan will last.


Drink, Drink, Drink!

Drink as much water as possible! It’s not only great for your skin but scientists believe that keeping hydrated can help extend the life of your skin cells, so drink away and your tan will stay!


Maintain your glow by topping up your spray tan with our Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. It not only moisurises the skin which makes the tan last longer, it provides a subtle bronze tint to your skin that will extend your tan.


Having long hot showers.

Oil based make up remover

Exfoliating your skin

Rubbing your skin dry – pat your skin with a towel

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