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Sun protection and fake tan

There are a lot of myths and questions around whether or not wearing fake tan acts as a barrier and protects your skin from the sun.

In today’s post, we’re going to bust the myths and give you a couple of tips!

So firstly the myths go something like this:

“fake tan darkens your skin, which improves it’s ability to protect itself from the sun”- FALSE.

“fake tan adds a layer onto your skin which acts as a barrier”- FALSE

“it’s impossible to get sunburnt with fake tan on”- FALSE

And that’s just to name a few..

While all of these are false (fake tan doesn’t protect you from the sun), there are tanning products that include an SPF, like our gradual tanning lotion and our face tan.

Both of these products include an SPF 15, which WILL protect you from the sun while they gradually tan your skin. They do however need to be reapplied like a regular sunscreen if you intend to be in the sun for longer than 2hours. But we recommend trying to reduce the amount of time your skin is exposed to direct sunlight by wearing protective clothing or sitting under a great umbrella.

As a fake tan and skin care company, we are advocates for sun safety and taking care of the skin you’re in. That’s why nothing is safer than a faux glow!

We are Australian, and we are beach lovers, but we don’t sit in the sun to get a tan. We bronze ourselves up with one of our favourite tanning products (at the moment its the new Xtreme 30 Minute Tan!) so that we can enjoy our time outdoors and at the beach, but with a limited amount of time spent in direct sun, or in the comfort of the shade. We’re also obsessed with these amazing umbrella’s from Sunday Supply Co. at the moment.

So to wrap things up, here are a few facts:

  • Fake tan doesn’t act as a barrier to the sun. You can definitely get sunburnt if you’re wearing fake tan.
  • Some tans, like our gradual and face tan, do include an SPF protection. However, you need to either reapply the lotion every 2hrs in the sun OR use a nice lightweight sunscreen.
  • Be sun smart- limit your exposure to the sun, wear a hat, get yourself a great beach umbrella, and don’t intentionally sunbake.
  • Rock a faux glow! Our tans are natural looking and easy to apply with a streak-free formulation. We recommend applying with one of our application paperwritings.com mitts for a super flawless finish.



Nothing screams summer like a golden glowing face, so we’re going to fill you in on our favourite makeup products that will help create the ultimate bronzed face to see you through the rest of the hot season..

First things first.. the base!

You need to create a hydrated and lightly bronzed base for your makeup and for this you NEED our face tan. It is adds a touch of subtle tan to your face, while it moisturisers your skin with yummy natural ingredients like coconut oil. It also includes an SPF 15 in it, and if you speak to any makeup or skincare pro they will tell you to start with a great sunscreen! It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly, so don’t stress about it being thick and oily like a lot of regular sunscreens.

Now onto the good stuff! Once you’ve applied our face tan as your base and let it absorb into your skin for a few minutes, apply your foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturiser. Whatever tickles your fancy! But remember to choose a shade that will blend nicely into your neck and chest, while matching the tan on the rest of your body.

Now, we have recently discovered our favourite illuminator ever and it comes in the form of Yves Saint Laurent. It’s a gorgeous “sunset” colour and is nice and creamy which makes it look more natural and dewy. Apply a small dollop on the tip of your finger and dab it from about 1cm from your hairline, along your cheekbone halfway. Then use the same technique to add along your brow bone, just under your eyebrow. And again on your cupids bow at the top of your lip. Carefully blend in by continuing to dab.

Time for some bronzer! We’re obsessed with this powder bronzer from Bobbi Brown. Lightly dust the bronzer on an angle just below your cheekbones to create a beautiful but subtle contour on your cheeks, then dust around your hairline and along your jaw bone. We also love to add a little dusting down the bridge of our nose.

By now you should be looking beautifully bronzed and glowing, so it’s time for some finishing touches!

For eyes, we’re loving this pretty eye palette from Charlotte Tilbury. They’re summery colours that will suit all eyes. Choose 2 shades, one lighter and one slightly darker. Contour the eye socket with the darker colour first, then use the lighter colour to fill in the remaining part of the eyelid.

For lips, you can’t go past a Tom Ford lippy. And this is our summer pick!

Now splash on a thick coat of your favourite mascara and you’re ready to go. This is a great day or night look. If you want to glam it up a bit more for night, you could add an eyeliner and a more bold lip. But we love this for a more natural summer evening look.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our favourite summer makeup.

Glow On xx

Designed by WDWD