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Choosing the right fake tan for your skin tone can be a tough decision for even the most seasoned of fake tanners.

It isn’t like selecting a makeup foundation where you can sample the colours on your skin in the store before you purchase, so our pureTAN founder Danielle Fletcher has a few key pieces of advice for anyone try to decide what fake tan will be the best match for your skin tone.

  1. If you’re fair skinned, try looking for a tan that is available in a light/medium shade. If you were to use a dark tan the colour will be too rich for your skin and will look unnatural. There is a chance that you could look orange, or streaks may become visible due to the contrast between your fair skin and the colour of the dark tan. We want everyone to look naturally glowy, and subtly is key.
    The benefit of starting with a lighter tan is that you can always build on it with additional layers of tan if you want to go darker. It’s much harder to do the reverse.
  2. gradual daily tanning moisturiser is very lightly coloured so that you can build your tan up daily (while also moisturising and protecting from the sun) until you reach a shade that you’re happy with. It’s perfect for fair skinned men and women, or a great way to help maintain a dark tan for anyone who uses a darker tan base.
  3. If you’re medium to olive skinned tone, we recommend a dark tanning foam or lotion. The beauty of a product like our brand new Xtreme tan is that it develops in stages over 4 hours. So you can wash the tan off at whatever stage is best. If you want a subtle tan, wash off after 1 hour, if you want it a little darker wait 2 hours. Or if you’re like me and love a deep dark tan, leave it on for the full 4 hours for a beautiful mediterranean glow!
  4. pureTAN is proud to cater to all skin types and skin tones. The nourishing natural ingredients in each formula makes them perfect for dry, oily or sensitive skin.If you’re still unsure or have questions on choosing your tan, comment below and Danielle will answer any questions you have!GLOW ON xx