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Choosing the right fake tan for your skin tone can be a tough decision for even the most seasoned of fake tanners.

It isn’t like selecting a makeup foundation where you can sample the colours on your skin in the store before you purchase, so our pureTAN founder Danielle Fletcher has a few key pieces of advice for anyone try to decide what fake tan will be the best match for your skin tone.

  1. If you’re fair skinned, try looking for a tan that is available in a light/medium shade. If you were to use a dark tan the colour will be too rich for your skin and will look unnatural. There is a chance that you could look orange, or streaks may become visible due to the contrast between your fair skin and the colour of the dark tan. We want everyone to look naturally glowy, and subtly is key.
    The benefit of starting with a lighter tan is that you can always build on it with additional layers of tan if you want to go darker. It’s much harder to do the reverse.
  2. A gradual daily tanning moisturiser is very lightly coloured so that you can build your tan up daily (while also moisturising and protecting from the sun) until you reach a shade that you’re happy with. It’s perfect for fair skinned men and women, or a great way to help maintain a dark tan for anyone who uses a darker tan base.

    gradual tanning moisturiser

  3. If you’re medium to olive skinned tone, we recommend a dark tanning foam or lotion. The beauty of a product like our brand new Xtreme tan is that it develops in stages over 4 hours. So you can wash the tan off at whatever stage is best. If you want a subtle tan, wash off after 1 hour, if you want it a little darker wait 2 hours. Or if you’re like me and love a deep dark tan, leave it on for the full 4 hours for a beautiful mediterranean glow!

    dark tan lotion

pureTAN is proud to cater to all skin types and skin tones. The nourishing natural ingredients in each formula makes them perfect for dry, oily or sensitive skin.

If you’re still unsure or have questions on choosing your tan, comment below and Danielle will answer any questions you have!



COCONUT OIL AND TAN- Everything You Need To Know

Do you notice a change in your skin when the winter months roll in?

Dry skin is one of the most common skin complaints during the cold season, which is usually caused by the heating that we use inside, and the cold dry air outside.

The remedy? Coconut Oil! It’s natural and has amazing benefits for your body both inside and out.

PureTAN incorporates this superfood into all of our products, from our tanning lotions and foams, to our range of skincare products.

Fake tan is infamous for drying skin out, regardless of the season. However pureTAN tan actually nourishes the skin with the use of Organic coconut oil as one of its main ingredients. This makes it the perfect tanning product to make your skin glow during winter, and avoid any added dryness.

Keep your skin ultra hydrated throughout winter (and all year round) by exfoliating the dry dead skin away at least once a week with a great exfoliant, followed by a silky rich moisturiser packed with coconut oil- or a straight-up coconut oil!

Our delicious body scrub also includes coconut oil so it not only removes the dead skin, it softens the skin at the same time. Win win..

Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your daily diet is also a great idea to nourish your skin and body from the inside out. An easy way to incorporate it into your diet is replacing olive oil in your cooking with coconut oil, or mixing a spoonful into your salad dressing. As the saying goes..”beauty starts from within”!

At pureTAN we LOVE being able to use healthy, natural ingredients on our skin as much as possible. So take a look at our range of tan and skincare and choose your favourite products to keep your skin glowing this winter with coconut oil!




Say goodbye to old tan!

Puretan launches new Self Tan Eraser

We’ve developed a gentle tan-erasing foam that effectively and safely removes instant self tan and spray tan in 5 minutes.

As any fake tan user would know, the possibility of a streaky tan application can cause stress levels to peak. And the patchiness as fake tan wears off is a problem often solved by harsh scrubbing which is detrimental to the skin.

Whether it’s an emergency removal, or your old uneven tan is lingering, this is the ultimate product to add to your tanning routine.

The all-new PureTAN Self Tan Eraser cleansing foam works by breaking down the existing tan on the skin without the use of harmful ingredients, or the need for vigorous exfoliating.

With a 5 minute wipe-on wipe-off formula, best results are achieved when the foam is applied liberally to dry skin, before showering in warm water and wiping away the tan remnants with a washcloth or exfoliating mitt.

Enriched with nourishing natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, skin is left feeling hydrated and smooth- and ready for tan to be reapplied.

PureTAN products are Australian made using premium ingredients, upholding their promise to consumers with no animal testing, no parabens, no sulphates and no GMO’s included.

Available in June online at www.puretan.com.au, available in stores August.

RRP$19.95 (200ml)

pureTAN Self Tan Eraser


Introducing this month’s Glow Girl, Johanna..

Johanna a.k.a. Beauty on Film in the instagram world, is a force to be reckoned with.

She is not only a professional beauty guru who knows how to spray tan to perfection, but she is a talented photographer who takes beautiful images that make her subjects feel confident and powerful- everything we want to feel as women!

That being said, Johanna was the ultimate Glow Girl we wanted to partner with on our most recent campaign. She “gets” the pureTAN brand in every way, so it was a no-brainer to ask her to shoot for us.

Johanna travelled to Bali and captured some of our favourite images of our tan, and continues to produce content using pureTAN on her models.


Between her busy work schedule and having a young family of her own, we managed to stop her in her tracks for a quick few minutes to give you a little personal insight into the girl we’re obsessed with following on instagram!

Here we go..

Nickname:  Hanna

Current mood: Tired after a ten hour day in Sydney shooting

How did you start your career: I started as a makeup artist and fell in love with working on photo shoots. I would take photos on my phone ‘behind the scenes’ and a few models encouraged me to pursue photography as they liked the mobile captures that I was taking, So I began experimenting in 2014 and haven’t looked back

Favourite part of your job: Making new friends and shooting in amazing locations.

And living for captures that takes my breath away.

Best kept beauty secret: Slather coconut oil everywhere. I cover my skin in it every night and will often sleep with it in my hair and wash it off in the morning. It’s great for skin tone and fading scars and stretch marks.

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you: That I am a mother to two of the sweetest little girls.

3 Things you can’t live without: My girls, Coffee and Paw paw cream

 Favourite holiday destination: I don’t tend to holiday in the same place twice as I like to visit new places, however I had my favourite holiday in Hoi An in Vietnam.

Bali is a second home which is always nice to visit, and I love to explore the Northern NSW coast here in Aus. It’s stunning!

Currently listening to: 90’s RnB after finding a treasure trove of cds in my garage from my teens 🙂 (Boyz II Men, Lauren Hill, Toni Braxton… list goes on)

Whats next for you: More travel and shooting with many new faces

Favourite pureTAN product: The face tan. It gives an amazing natural colour in just one use. I sleep with it on once a week.



To check out her work, head over to instagram and stalk her profile here.


















Introducing pureTAN Founder, Danielle Fletcher..

She’s the ultimate bronzed boss babe, working mother of two gorgeous kiddies, and a tanning expert! Danielle works hard behind the scenes making pureTAN everything that it is today, alongside her husband Michael.

Together they have created one of Australia’s leading tanning brands. They pride their product on being innovative and using only premium quality ingredients and spend more time than you could ever imagine perfecting the colour and texture of your favourite tans.

We recently sat down with Danielle for a Q&A to give our fans a better understanding of the brand, it’s founder, and where it all began..

When was pureTAN established and what drove you to start a tanning business?

Established in 2004, previously we ran a successful tanning salon and solarium chain throughout  Melbourne, so the transition into self-tanning and spray  tanning was a given.

What is your favourite part about owning pureTAN? Working with and meeting  amazing people and developing products that Im passionate about. I absolutely love hearing testimonials of happy customers who swear by our products.

Your greatest achievement so far? Launching the first ever One Hour Rapid lotion tan in Australia, which has gone on to become our best selling product and sold nationally in major retailers.

Your greatest challenge so far? Coordinating our international campaign shoots are always quite challenging, but with the help of our amazing PR its always a success.

What is your favourite product in the puretan range? Hands down I’m obsessed with our 30 minute Xtreme tan ! so quick , prefect for a busy working mummy.

The best piece of tanning advice you can give? Preparation is key, always choose a shade that complements your natural skin tone, and remember less is more !

On location with models Renae and Marsi, and hair guru Raymond.

Now the fast fun Q’s:

Nickname: Newtie ( my maiden name was Newton and my hubby calls me Newtie)

Favourite cocktail: Cosmopolitan!

Currently listening to: Golden – Kylie / Camila Cabello

Favourite holiday destination: I love Palm Cove in Aus, or O/S Santorini Greece

Favourite perfume: Allure, Chanel

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet !

Favourite quote: “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class”

Self tan or salon spray:​ I love a the convenience of tanning at home so self tan

Whats next for you/pureTAN: Something tanners cant live without- watch this space !! and some very exciting projects in the overseas market.

If you have any questions for Danielle, comment below or send us an email!


Mamma Mia! The Musical with PureTAN

Mamma Mia! We’re thrilled to be a part of one of our favourite musical productions ever.

As the official tanning partner for Mamma Mia! the Musical, we’re currently touring Australia with the talented cast and crew to make sure that everyone stays glowing and golden for each performance.

Mamma Mia! is set in the Greek Island- one of our favourite holiday destinations. And one thing we know for sure, is that nothing compares to a rich Mediterranean tan.

So what to do to achieve this colour from the other side of the world you might ask? Simple, Pure Bronze Xtreme!

Our Xtreme tan develops into the deepest, darkest colour in our range within 1-4hrs.

Enough about the tan for now.. let’s talk about the show.

Mamma Mia! is jam packed with the greatest hits by ABBA. It’s a fun and fabulous show, but our favourite part has to be the ending. Not because we want it to finish (actually the complete opposite), but because the music steps up a notch and the cast embrace full-blown ABBA costumes.

We’ve never EVER been to a musical before where the entire audience is up, dancing and singing along having the greatest time ever.

We’re not biased at all. But this has to be the most fun musical we have ever seen and we highly recommend securing yourself tickets.

Mamma Mia! is currently showing in Sydney at the Capitol Theatre until May 6, and will be hitting the following major cities next:

PERTH- May 2018

MELBOURNE- July 2018

ADELAIDE- October 2018

You can purchase tickets here: http://www.mammamiathemusical.com.au/tour-info/

See all of you dancing queens there! Glow xx


Meet Glow Girl Ruby Compton!

She’s the ultimate glow girl and down to earth babe we’ve been following on instagram for a while now, and we are so thrilled to see her rocking an amazing faux glow in recent shoots thanks to Johanna from Beauty on Film.


We managed to grab Ruby for a few quick minutes this week, to get to know her a little better with one of our fast and fun Q&A’s.

So here we go..Meet Ruby…

Current mood: Content

How did you start your career: I was scouted at a young age and appeared in a dolly magazine issue wearing pineapple printed pants… pretty funny actually!

Favourite part of your job: I love being involved in the creative process. Creating beautiful images and feeling proud at the end result makes me so happy.

Best kept beauty secret: The beach! A bit of Vitamin D and salt water makes me glow from the inside out!

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you: I read all the Jane Austen novels as a child. Complete nerd I know!

3 Things you can’t live without: My phone, almond milk (milk lab brand only) and a good acoustic tune.

 Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere tropical!

Currently listening to: Hozier Cherry Wine

Whats next for you: I’m competing in the Miss Universe Australia competition! So just getting prepared for that.

Favourite pureTAN product: Instant dark tanning foam.

You can follow Ruby on instagram at @rubycompton for the ultimate tan and body goals, and to follow all of her adventures!



Tips on wearing fake tan for your wedding day and how to prepare.

By now you’ve probably planned most details of your wedding, and it’s time to start thinking about the finer details like your faux glow.

Wearing white with a fresh spray tan is always a little daunting, so pureTAN founder and tanning guru Danielle Fletcher has put together a few tips on how to prepare for your big day and guarantee your tan is on point (without leaving brown marks on your dress!).

“As always we recommend the first step to any great tan be exfoliation. Soak in a bath or have a nice warm shower and give your body an all-over scrub using a gentle exfoliating body scrub and a mitt or brush. Removing the top layer of dead skin will ensure a smooth, streak-free tan and will stop it sticking from places on your body that tend to be dryer than others such as your knees and elbows.” says Danielle.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! Exfoliation is key!!

Besides the concerns of getting the tan on your dress, most women are also unsure of when exactly to get the tan done before the big day. Danielle recommends booking in to have your spray tan 2 days before your wedding day. “This allows the tan to fully develop and settle into the skin, any excess residue to be fully washed off, and any fake tan smell to subside. It also allows the time to have any touch-ups done to fix any imperfections should you need any.” Danielle points out here that chances of needing any touch-ups is slim, especially if you prepare your skin properly beforehand and don’t have any moisturisers or deodorants on when you go to your appointment.

As Danielle mentioned above, by allowing yourself 2 days for your tan to be completely absorbed into your skin and any residue to be washed and worn off, you’re guaranteeing that no tan should rub off on your dress!

If you’re worried about being orange or too dark, make sure the salon you’re going to uses a premium quality tan from a reputable brand (like pureTAN- wink wink*) and ask your spray tanner to only spray you a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Don’t be frightened by the initial colour immediately after the tan has been applied to your skin! This is just a coat of bronzer and will wash off to reveal your tan below. And also don’t be disappointed if you wash off your tan and you feel lighter than you expected. By allowing yourself those extra 24-48hrs before the wedding, the tan will continue to develop. And if you still feel like you need an extra little boost of tan, try a gradual tanning moisturiser.

It’s also important to note that in the days following your spray tan, keeping your skin moisturised https://masterra.com/ is super important.It not only keeps your skin glowing, but stops it from wearing off too soon.

And Danielle’s last tip for your wedding day? “Your skin will be a different colour to your usual tone, so make sure you match your makeup! Having the right coloured foundation to match the rest of your body will make your tan look more natural.”

If you have any other questions regarding the perfect wedding day tan, feel free to comment below or email us to ask Danielle herself!

GLOW ON Brides xx


Sun protection and fake tan

There are a lot of myths and questions around whether or not wearing fake tan acts as a barrier and protects your skin from the sun.

In today’s post, we’re going to bust the myths and give you a couple of tips!

So firstly the myths go something like this:

“fake tan darkens your skin, which improves it’s ability to protect itself from the sun”- FALSE.

“fake tan adds a layer onto your skin which acts as a barrier”- FALSE

“it’s impossible to get sunburnt with fake tan on”- FALSE

And that’s just to name a few..

While all of these are false (fake tan doesn’t protect you from the sun), there are tanning products that include an SPF, like our gradual tanning lotion and our face tan.

Both of these products include an SPF 15, which WILL protect you from the sun while they gradually tan your skin. They do however need to be reapplied like a regular sunscreen if you intend to be in the sun for longer than 2hours. But we recommend trying to reduce the amount of time your skin is exposed to direct sunlight by wearing protective clothing or sitting under a great umbrella.

As a fake tan and skin care company, we are advocates for sun safety and taking care of the skin you’re in. That’s why nothing is safer than a faux glow!

We are Australian, and we are beach lovers, but we don’t sit in the sun to get a tan. We bronze ourselves up with one of our favourite tanning products (at the moment its the new Xtreme 30 Minute Tan!) so that we can enjoy our time outdoors and at the beach, but with a limited amount of time spent in direct sun, or in the comfort of the shade. We’re also obsessed with these amazing umbrella’s from Sunday Supply Co. at the moment.

So to wrap things up, here are a few facts:

  • Fake tan doesn’t act as a barrier to the sun. You can definitely get sunburnt if you’re wearing fake tan.
  • Some tans, like our gradual and face tan, do include an SPF protection. However, you need to either reapply the lotion every 2hrs in the sun OR use a nice lightweight sunscreen.
  • Be sun smart- limit your exposure to the sun, wear a hat, get yourself a great beach umbrella, and don’t intentionally sunbake.
  • Rock a faux glow! Our tans are natural looking and easy to apply with a streak-free formulation. We recommend applying with one of our application paperwritings.com mitts for a super flawless finish.



pureTAN  campaign sizzles into summer 2017/2018

It’s the most exciting time of year for us. Summer is just around the corner, and we’ve got a sizzling new campaign to release.

Each year we love to adventure somewhere warm and exotic to shoot our bronzed beach babes, and this year we headed back to…. BALI!

Bali is one of our favourite places to travel for R&R by the pool or beach, and to indulge in endless massages, cheap shopping and great food. So what better place to play backdrop for our latest shoot?

Our location of choice in Bali- Mrs Sippy.

The talented photographer Johanna Blinn of @beautyonfilm shot the stunning Anastasia Bluemoloko in what are some of our favourite campaign shots ever!

Johanna capture the essence of pureTAN perfectly, with an ultra bronzed Anastasia in a relaxed, fresh, island-vibe atmosphere.

Anastasia was bronzed using our brand new Pure Bronze Xtreme 30 Minute Tan, which explains her incredible deep mediterranean glow!

And we also got to partner with two of our favourite Aussie swimwear labels for the shoot, Sunseeker and Whitesands. Both of their swimwear designs are flirty and feminine, and suit all different types of body shapes.

Checkout the rest of the images from our shoot below, and let us know what you think. We hope you love them as much as we do!

To get Anastasia’s bronzed look, you can purchase Pure Bronze Xtreme here. Or head to your local salon for an Xtreme spray tan.


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