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COCONUT OIL AND TAN- Everything You Need To Know

Do you notice a change in your skin when the winter months roll in?

Dry skin is one of the most common skin complaints during the cold season, which is usually caused by the heating that we use inside, and the cold dry air outside.

The remedy? Coconut Oil! It’s natural and has amazing benefits for your body both inside and out.

PureTAN incorporates this superfood into all of our products, from our tanning lotions and foams, to our range of skincare products.

Fake tan is infamous for drying skin out, regardless of the season. However pureTAN tan actually nourishes the skin with the use of Organic coconut oil as one of its main ingredients. This makes it the perfect tanning product to make your skin glow during winter, and avoid any added dryness.

Keep your skin ultra hydrated throughout winter (and all year round) by exfoliating the dry dead skin away at least once a week with a great exfoliant, followed by a silky rich moisturiser packed with coconut oil- or a straight-up coconut oil!

Our delicious body scrub also includes coconut oil so it not only removes the dead skin, it softens the skin at the same time. Win win..

Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your daily diet is also a great idea to nourish your skin and body from the inside out. An easy way to incorporate it into your diet is replacing olive oil in your cooking with coconut oil, or mixing a spoonful into your salad dressing. As the saying goes..”beauty starts from within”!

At pureTAN we LOVE being able to use healthy, natural ingredients on our skin as much as possible. So take a look at our range of tan and skincare and choose your favourite products to keep your skin glowing this winter with coconut oil!



Madi Edwards, GLOW GIRL.


Madi Edwards- She’s bronzed, she’s beautiful and she’s the ultimate pureTAN babe.

Madi joined us on our recent trip to Bali to shoot alongside our other pure beauties Brooke Hogan and Sarah Czarnuch. She features throughout our latest series of campaign images on the beautiful beach and cliff top pool of Karma Kandara, and managed to make us (the professional tanners!) envious of her deep tan.

Rocking bikini’s from Jets Swimwear and Kopper & Zink, Madi lights up our campaign with her amazing beach bod.

We took a quick break to ask the fun beauty a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Nickname: Madi, Madz, Mad, M

Current mood: Happy!

How did you start your career: I started my Career when I was scouted by Dallys Models in Brisbane at 17!

Favourite part of your job: Meeting new creative and inspiring people everyday!

Best kept beauty secret: I sleep with an Organic Mask almost every night!

3 Things you can’t live without: My best friend -Annalise, coffee and my phone

Favourite holiday destination: Bali! Probably would be something like the Maldives but i have never been… YET!

Currently listening to: Work – Rhianna

Whats next for you: LA for three months

Favourite pureTAN product: The Coconut Body Creme <3

Follow Madi on instagram here  xx


Sarah Czarnuch, GLOW GIRL.

She’s beautiful, intelligent and seriously funny..

GLOW GIRL, Sarah Czarnuch


We first met Sarah when she became one of our #PureBeauties over a year ago, as a true advocate for our brand. Sarah’s obviously stunning, but everything else that comes with her made her the ultimate pureTAN girl.

So.. we set our sights on her, took her to Bali to shoot our new campaign, and we’re thrilled to announce Sarah as the newest face of pureTAN.

We had a quick chat with the easy-going Geelong babe today to get to know her a little better. Because our time in Bali together just wasn’t enough! See below our quick ten Q&A’s with Sarah.

Happy weekend x

sarah czarnuch

Nickname:  Sez-Bomb

Current mood:  pumped for the weekend! Haha

How did you start your career: I kind of just fell into it while I was studying at uni. It was a lot more exciting than working part time in retail.

Favourite part of your job: The fact that every day you get to do something completely different and that you’re always meeting new people.  The overseas travel is also a huge bonus!

Best kept beauty secret: I’m not sure how well kept this is, but I can’t go past coconut oil! It’s amazing, for your hair, skin and even cooking.

3 Things you can’t live without:  Coffee, family and friends and food

Favourite holiday destination:  Hawaii

Currently listening to:  the Biebs 

Whats next for you:  work is crazy this time of the year, so plenty of shoots and campaigns then back to Singapore mid year for fashion week!

Favourite pureTAN product:  The gradual tanner is my go to product, I absolutely love how easy and low maintenance it is. And the colour is amazing and so natural!


Follow Sarah on instagram @sarah_czarnuch

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