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PureBronze Xtreme  30 Minute Tan..

The wait is over!!

PureBronze Xtreme is here! It is the deepest, darkest tanning formula we’ve ever developed and it  is not for the faint hearted.

With triple the strength bronzers, PureBronze Xtreme provides an ultra rich, deep Mediterranean colour. With one single application, you’ll look like you’ve just returned from months in the European summer where nothing mattered more than relaxing on the beach, sipping spritz’s.

What could make this even better? The “wash and glow” formula allows you to wash off in just 30 minutes for a subtle tan, or leave for up to 4 hours for optimum darkness.

Available in a lightweight self-tanning foam, or salon spray solution, the intense new tan includes advanced moisture lock technology that ensures a flawless finish, a long lasting tan, and even fading.

Free of nasty parabens and sulphate, PureTan’s focus remains on producing premium products made using the finest nourishing ingredients.

These include Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Kakadu Plum and Organic Coconut Oil, as well as a plant based DHA.

If you’re looking to delve deeper with your skin tone, indulge in PureBronze Xtreme for the ultimate rich tan.

Available now in our online store here, or on shelves in Myer and Priceline later this month.



It’s the golden question.. how to remove fake tan?

And it’s one thing that new users of fake tan fear.

While you may have applied to perfect even tan, it doesn’t always come off the same way. Tan can tend to stick to particular areas, and wear off on other areas faster. It might not look pretty while it’s wearing off, but it sure is easy to get rid of it you do it the right way!

Exfoliating prior to tan application, and moisturising regularly while you have the tan on, both help immensely with the even-ness of a tan.

But inevitably there will come a time when you need to get rid of the remnants of the tan to prepare your skin for another application.

The easiest way to remove fake tan is by using a great exfoliating body scrub, and an exfoliating mitt, either in the shower or in the bath.

Baths are great as they allow your skin to soak and soften, which in turn makes the removal slightly easier.

But we understand that not everyone has the time to sit and soak, or even has a bath tub at all! So a shower is a great alternative. Once in the shower, ensure your entire body has been covered in water for at least a couple of minutes.

Then apply a generous amount of a gently exfoliating scrub to your hand, or for optimum results to a mitt. Scrub in small circular motions on your body, starting from your feet and work your way up your body.

You may need to scrub a little more rigorously on areas that tan tends to stick to such as your toes, knees and elbows.

We have a fab coconut body scrub which is made using organic coconut oil that nourishes and hydrates, and ground coconut shell to exfoliate away the dead skin and tan.

It may take two showers or baths to completely remove all evidence of your tan, and it is better to do it over two sessions than to damage your skin by scrubbing too hard in one go.

If you have any questions or need tanning advice, send us an email and our tanning guru Danielle, and pureTAN founder, will be on call to help.





We get asked regularly “how do I apply fake tan during winter?” so we’re here to give you a few simple tips to follow for the perfect (streak-free) winter tan.

Firstly, we can’t stress enough how important it is to gently exfoliate your skin in the bath or shower before you plan on applying your tan. Use a great exfoliating mitt, along with a body scrub for the ultimate results. This removes all dry and dead skin cells that sit on the surface, and evens out the texture of the skin, ready for tanning.


Now we know it’s cold and you don’t want to sit around waiting for your tan to develop, so we have created the perfect product to get you tanned quickly. Our Rapid Tan is fast absorbing, and contains nourishing ingredients that tan and moisturise your skin in just 1 hour. No waiting around in the cold, waiting for your tan to develop. You’ll be beautifully golden and ready to shower in 60 minutes. It’s the ultimate product for winter tanning!

RAPID TAN $32.95

To apply your tan in a fast, clean and streak-free way you MUST use an application mitt. Squeeze a dollop of tanning lotion onto the mitt, and apply the tan to your skin rubbing in a gentle circular motion. Start with your feet and legs, and work your way up your body.


While you wait an hour for your tan to develop, we recommend wearing loose clothing and avoid wearing a bra or anything that could rub on your body. Also stay away from water, sweating, and DO NOT apply any other products to your skin such as deodorant, moisturiser or perfume. These could cause the tan to change colour, or they could make marks in your tan.

Nobody wants an uneven or discoloured tan.

Once your hour wait is up, jump in the shower and thoroughly rinse your body with water. Do not use soap! This will prevent your tan from fading quickly, and also drying your skin out.

Our last tip to help with your winter tan goals, is to moisturise moisturise moisturise! Twice a day is the optimum amount. By hydrating your skin you will add longevity to your tan and it will also add an additional touch of glow to your supple skin.

We hope these tips help get you through the remainder of winter with a beautiful tan. If you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to email or comment on our posts and our tanning experts will share their advice.


BASE FOR YOUR FACE- Tanning your face with Puretan

A base tan for your face…

A question we get asked a lot is whether it’s OK to use tan on your face. Which it absolutely is! However the problem is, that we wash and cleanse our face so often that the tan wears off our face faster than it does our body.

This causes your face to be several shades lighter than your body, which is not what you want. Especially if you’re going makeup free.

We’ve developed the perfect face tan which can replace your daily face moisturizer or sunscreen as it is hydrating, fast absorbing and has an SPF 15 included. The tan in our Face Tan is subtle so that you can build it up each day until you reach your desired colour.

The light weight, fast absorbing formulation allows you to put makeup straight over the top without it looking greasy.

Our Face Tan also just won Instyle Magazines Best Beauty Buy awards, so you know you’re onto a winner!

If you have blemishes, pigmentation or freckles on your face, our Face Tan is a great way to hide the imperfections and balance out your skintone.

With ingredients such as organic coconut oil and aloe vera, our Face Tan is also rich in antioxidants which help repair the skin and also assist with antiaging.

A tip to remember with your makeup when wearing fake tan, is that you may need to change your colour. Go a shade darker than you regularly would to avoid an obvious makeup line.

Get your Puretan base for your face here: https://puretan.com.au/shop/retail-tanning/face-tanning/face-tan-spf15-50ml/



We’re 6 weeks away from Winter, which means your summer tan is surely fading. Your worst nightmare right? Ours too..

Thankfully, we’ve got great tips and the best products to keep your skin glowing year round.

Whether you’re a low maintenance tanner who likes a subtle glow, or you’re serious tanner who loves a deep tan 12 months of the year, we have you covered.

We’ll start with those of you who still have a bit of your summer tan lingering. At the moment, you only need a subtle boost to your tan to bring you back to that good good glow. We recommend replacing your regular body moisturiser with our Gradual Tanning Daily Moisturiser. It includes a tiny bit of tan so that not only are you hydrating your skin, but each day you’re building up your tan until you reach a level you’re happy with. Then you can alternate days using your regular moisturiser, with our Gradual Tan.

If you’re already feeling a bit too pale for your liking and that you need a tan, and fast, you can’t go past our 1 Hour Rapid Tan. Not only is this treasured product a beautiful rich tan, but as the name suggests it develops in just 1 hour! Seriously.. have a shower, exfoliate and wash your hair. Jump out, dry your skin and then apply your tan. By the time you dry your hair and decide on your outfit for the day/night, the tan will be fully developed and it will be time to pop your hair into a shower cap and jump into the shower to rinse your body. It’s perfect for the cooler months. No waiting around in the cold for your tan to dry. This tan develops before you’ve even had the chance to think about anything else.

Now lastly, for the less dramatic tanners. For those of you who like a subtle, natural glow and have fair skin. Our light/medium tanning foam is the perfect shade for you. It adds a touch of golden tan to your skin with our fast drying foam formula. And it’s so natural looking that no-one will suspect that you’re wearing fake tan. Apply with a mitt for an even all-over tan.

We can’t wait to see you all glowing your way through winter xx


Meet Renae Ayris..

This golden goddess is the face of our latest campaign along side exotic beauty Marsi.

You might recognise Renae as former Miss Universe Australia, or you may follow her on instagram (have you seen how popular this girl is?!), but what you might not know is that she is one of the most fun loving girls we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her stunning looks are complimented by her sweet-as-pie personality, which made us fall more in love with her than we already were.

Born in Western Australia, Renae sits in good stead with fellow WA natives such as Gemma Ward, Jessica Gomes and Nicole Trunfio who are all taking over the modelling world. There must be magic in the Perth water!

Renae has some big projects in the pipeline which are keeping her extremely busy, but we managed to stop her for a few minutes between trips for our Glow Girl Q&A.

Enjoy getting to know Renae:

Nickname: Nae or Nae- Nae

Current mood: Sleepy and hungry-just woke up.

How did you start your career: I started modelling at the age of 16 and started travelling with it.

Favourite part of your job: Being able to meet new people and travelling to exciting places.

Best kept beauty secret:  It’s not a secret but I make sure I never go to bed with any make up on, and I also drink lots of water.

3 Things you can’t live without: Chocolate, the beach, my phone.

Favourite holiday destination: Greek Isles and Barcelona.

Currently listening to: Ed Sheeran

Whats next for you: I have a few exciting things in the pipeline… but you will have to stay tuned 🙂

Favourite pureTAN product:  1 hour rapid tan is my favourite product from PureTan



GLOW GIRL, Marsi Fernandez

Marsi is what exotic dreams are made of! Her gorgeous natural looks, fun-loving personality, and banging body made her the perfect fit for our latest campaign.

She embodies the pureTAN brand, with her love of the outdoors (especially the beach!), she is down to earth and always up for a laugh, and has incredibly radiant healthy skin.

We managed to stop Marsi in her busy schedule to answer a few quick questions, to help you get to know our Glow Girl a little better. Here goes…

Nickname: Chilli

Current mood: Pretty chilled.

How did you start your career: I got scouted through a friend.

Favourite part of your job: Meeting new people on different jobs every day. And the travel!

Best kept beauty secret: Stress less, drink plenty of water, Always have a good nights sleep & stay young!

3 Things you can’t live without: My Family, My phone and Car.

 Favourite holiday destination: Perú, Always!

Currently listening to: That’s What I like by Bruno

Whats next for you: Travels to Europe in July for more work work work!

Favourite pureTAN product: The Dark Foam Tan

Follow Marsi on instagram @marsifernandez_m 



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about your tan so that you’re beautifully bronzed for date night.

Not only do spray tans make clothing look better, they also make you feel better. The added glow gives you confidence and makes you feel sexy. That’s why, we recommend getting a spray tan for Valentine’s Day.

With only 4 sleeps until your special day, it’s time to plan your spray tan.

Firstly, call your nearest salon ASAP and book yourself in. We recommend having your spray done on Sunday, so that by Tuesday (V Day) it’s all settled. By allowing yourself a day or two before your date, you’re allowing yourself time for the tan to settle into the skin and develop to your desired level of tan, but also allowing any tan “smell” to disappear and time to top up your tan if you feel you need to go darker.

Secondly, start preparing your skin for your spray tan NOW! Jump in the shower or bath, and exfoliate! By gently exfoliating your skin before getting a spray tan, you smooth out the skin and remove any dead skin cells. This will ensure your tan is streak-free and patchless, as fake tan tends to stick to dry skin which gives the blotchy look that we all want to avoid.

After you’ve showered or bathed, moisturise your skin with a nourishing moisturiser such as our coconut body creme. By keeping your skin hydrated, you prevent further dry/dead skin cells from accumulating on the skins surface. It is also important to moisturise regularly after you’ve had your spray tan too.

It’s all very simple following this advice, but the tricky part comes when it’s time to get your spray tan. Here are 5 quick tips that you MUST know when going to get your spray tan:

  1. Wear loose clothing
  2. shower, shave and exfoliate before you go
  3. do NOT apply deodorant, makeup, perfume or moisturiser. Leave your skin dry and clean
  4. remove all of your jewellery
  5. do not wear shoes and socks. Wear thongs if possible

To book in for a pureTAN spray tan for Valentine’s Day, find your nearest salon or mobile spray tanner here: https://puretan.com.au/stockists/

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Glow xx



Easy to keep new years resolutions!

Happy new year! You all know we like to keep things real (except for our tans), and what better way to set out upon the new year than with REALISTIC new years resolutions.

You know, the ones that we’ll actually be able to stick to. That are achievable..

We’ve all set them year in, year out. And by December we most certainly aren’t still practising what we preached all the way back in January.

So, we’ve put together our top ten new years resolutions to keep it simple and healthy. We hope you join us on this fabulous year of 2017!

  1. Do.More.Excercise
    We’re all guilty of slacking off over the holiday period, but keeping active is not only important for keeping a nice figure, but also important for our bodies to keep active as we grow older. Set yourself up for a long, healthy and strong life with at least 30minutes of exercise a day. And it doesn’t have to be intense! Find something that you get enjoyment out of.
    Look to our pureTAN girl Renae Ayris for some motivation.
  2. Take care of your skin
    Protect your skin from the sun. Go fake, don’t bake! Tanning your skin can not only cause skin cancer, but it prematurely ages your skin. If you’re heading out in the sun, wear sunscreen and a hat. And if you want those golden beach babe vibes, look no further than a bottle of our fake tan. It’s also important to keep your skin nourished so moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!!!
  3. Eat healthy
    Trade chocolate for fruit & nuts, and cut back on the amount of vino’s you’re having with the girls. Of course, when it’s “that time of the month” and you absolutely NEED a piece of chocolate, go for it. You’re allowed little cheat meals. But, crazy crash diets never work or last, so it’s better to be realistic and make gradual changes to your diet. Reduce your sugar intake, increase your water consumption, and watch your portion sizes.
  4. Get more sleep
    It is extremely important for your mental and physical well being to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night. Not only does it make your ability to focus during the day increase, but it also allows your skin enough time to recoup and repair throughout the night. You’ll notice that you look more youthful after a great nights sleep. So put down your phone when you get to bed, and don’t get caught scrolling through instagram while you could be catching up on sleep.
  5. Stress less
    It’s easy to get stressed and emotional about things. But sometimes all it takes is taking a deep breath and a quick life assessment, to realise that stressing will get you absolutely nowhere. And most likely, whatever you’re stressing about is so minuscule in the grand scheme of life. Let go of whatever is stressing you out, and focus on the solution, or completely shift your focus to something more positive in your life.
  6. Go to the dentist
    I dare say this is one thing that we all let slip to the way side. Make time to schedule a routine check up with your dentist to keep your pearly whites sparkling. Your private health insurance will cover your checkup, so there really is no excuse.
  7. Travel more
    Travelling is great life experience. There is so much world out there to explore, most of which we’ll never get to see in our life time. But it’s important to make time to travel, even if it’s a little weekend trip away out of the city for the weekend. It’s good for the soul and for a mental recharge. Having a trip planned also gives you something to work towards.. it’s a light at the end of the dark working tunnel.
  8. Save $$
    Set out a budget, only spend on the necessities, and save for the life changing things. Whether it be a car, a holiday or a house. You seriously don’t need that extra pair of shoes!
  9. Cook more
    Not only is cooking a great way to control what you’re putting into your body, but it’s a great way to de-stress and unwind. Cooking can be very cathartic. Just don’t go crazy and try to cook something super complicated. Keep it simple, with fresh produce. You’ll save money, and you’ll be doing wonders for your health!
  10. Do something for charity
    We don’t all have money to donate, but your time is very valuable too. Find an organisation that means something to you, and ask them how you can help out. Even if it’s just once a year, its much better than nothing at all. And your kindness will be appreciated beyond words. There is always someone who is doing it tougher than you!


How to tan for a new years eve party

We all want to be perfectly bronzed for the party of the year, and here are a few quick tips and products you have to rush out and buy that will have you glowing like a goddess to ring in the new year.

The 3 products you need:

Application Mitt

Rapid 1hr Tan

Coconut Body Creme

The 3 easy steps to get you New Years ready:

  1. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub or with an exfoliating mitt each day leading up to new years eve to ensure your skin is smooth and even, ready for tanning.
  2. 2 days before New Years Eve, apply Rapid 1 hr Tan to your body evenly using our new application mitt. Apply in a circular motion from your legs all the way up to your chest. Wait 1-2 hours, and then shower to wash of the tan residue. But do not use any harsh soaps on your skin.
  3. Each day apply a generous layer of coconut body creme to your skin to keep it hydrated and to prolong the tan. Add an extra layer to your skin just before you head out for the night to give yourself a dewy glow, and a beautiful coconut scent which adds to the fun summer vibes.

new years eve tan

Now all you have left to do is find your outfit! But to be honest, when you have a tan anything will look great.

If you need to quickly rush out to buy our products, head to your nearest Priceline or Myer.

Have a fun and happy new years beauties.


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