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Who doesn’t love having other people do things for them? Getting a spray tan definitely has it’s benefits.

Firstly, there is the most obvious factor- that it is the safest way to tan. You keep your skin away from harmful UV rays, but get an amazing bronzed body in the process.

Anyone who regularly tans, whether it be self-tan or spray tan, will tell you that a spray tan will almost always give you an all-over, even glow. Spray tan salons are professionally trained to provide a streak free tan.

Having a spray tan is typically faster than you can apply tan to yourself, and you have a professional who can apply the tan to those hard to reach places (*wink wink- we’ve all had a boyfriend or friend tan our backs at some point!).

Having an even spray tan works to even out skin tone, hiding any blemishes including stretch marks and the dreaded cellulite.

spray tanning

Our spray tan solution is made using premium ingredients that not only tan, but nourish the skin at the same time. Our solutions include Organic macadamia and coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin C and green tea which all aid in soothing the skin while making the tan last longer.

To find out your nearest salon using our range of spray tan solutions, contact 1300 367 717.

Glow xx

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Now that we’re into the full throws of Spring, it’s time to start preparing your skin for warmer weather. Bye bye winter!!

Spring means the sunshine is back, the flowers are blossoming, and the racing season is about to begin. When it comes to wardrobe, this means denim shorts, pretty dresses, and showing more skin that you have for the last few months.

The trick to the perfect Spring tan, is to keep it natural.. and believable. Our best piece of advice is to stick with a shade lighter than you would in summer. Our light/medium tanning lotion and foam are the ultimate products to give you a subtle golden glow.


It’s best to start lighter, and then you can build the depth of your tan by adding additional layers if you want a deeper bronze.

Another beautiful product that will give you a subtle glow is our Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. It nourishes and tans your skin at the same time, but will only add a touch of tan each day. It also includes SPF 15 to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. This product is a great product to try if you’re a fake tanning beginner!

Put your frocks on and get ready to glow! Spring is in the air xx

Nicole Lucas, GLOW GIRL

Meet this weeks GLOW GIRL…

Nicole Lucas, Beautiful, Social Media Star & celebrities’ go to fashion Guru


Our Glow Girl Nicole Lucas is a talented stylist with a very unique sense of style, which is why we set our sights on her to style our recent PureTAN campaign in Bali!

Nicole’s individuality and creative eye for fashion trends has brought her around the world, styling celebs and landing a job as Fashion Editor at Girlfriend Magazine.

Nicole took a break from her busy schedule to have a chat with us and answer a few fun questions we had to get to know her better!

Nickname: Nikki or Lucas.

Current mood: Cold but excited.

How did you start your career: I studied at FBI Fashion College when I was 17 and started interning. My first job was Fashion Assistant at Shop Til You Drop Magazine

Favourite part of your job: Styling and working on shoots.

 Best kept beauty secret: Using sticky tape when putting on winged liner.

 3 Things you can’t live without: My friends, my boyfriend and my family.

 Favourite holiday destination: Ithaki, Greece.

 Currently listening to: Sorry by Rick Ross.

Whats next for you: I’ve just joined Girlfriend Magazine as Fashion Editor, which is exciting! Next for me- more and more styling and working on an exciting project at the moment.

Favourite pureTAN product: Organic Extra Virgin 100% Coconut oil.

Follow Nicole for the latest fashion trends on Instagram @nicolelucasstylist XX





Are you afraid and nervous about getting a tan because of all of the tales and myths associated with tans? Orange face, two toned colour and streaky body?

Well We’re here to set you straight and tell you the truth about Spray Tanning!

Myth #1 You Will Be Orange

This is one of the main reasons why so many people are put off by receiving a spray tan, the fear of looking unnatural, orange and being called an Oompa Loompa!

Your tan will look orange if you do not use the tan correctly and if you do not take the right steps to prepare for the tan. If your skin develops an orange hue, it is not because of the tanning solution it is because of the applier.

You do however need to make sure that you choose the right shade of tan for your skin type. PureTAN’s Spray Tanning Solutions come in a medium bronze shade and a dark bronze shade allowing different skin types to get the right bronze glow.

Myth #2 Spray Tans are Bad For You.

Spray Tans aren’t harmful to you or your body. There is no more chemical residue in Spray Tan products that aren’t in other tanning products; Spray Tans would only be dangerous if you swallow a large amount of tanning spray mist – To avoid this, close your eyes and mouth and cover your nose.

Myth #3 The Tan Is Difficult To Take Off

It is a common perception that Spray Tans can be difficult to take off. If you are using the right tools, your tan can easily be removed. Applying moisturiser every day will help you when the time comes to remove your tan, try PureTan’s Coconut Crème Body Scrub it has a moisturising function as well as an exfoliant. A removal mitt is also a quick and easy solution to remove all tan from your body, PureTAN’s Pro Self-Tan Removal Mitt will help your tan come off with hot water and a scrub in one shower.

Myth #4 Spray Tans Don’t Last

I’m sure many of you might think that Spray Tans are a waste of money because you have heard that they ‘don’t last long.’ The longevity of your tan is dependent on your skin care. Proper exfoliation before your tan will allow the tan formulation to stick to your skin cells. Regular use of moisturizer after your tan can expand the life of your tan too – try using PureTan’s Coconut Body Crème to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

Of course, you can expand your tan for even longer with gradual Tan lotion. PureTan’s Gradual Tan is the perfect product to apply on your skin to keep a nice subtle glow of your existing Spray Tan, with it’s moisturising function it will double your tans lifespan.

Myth #5 Moisturise Before You Tan

Whatever you do, do not moisturise before you receive your spray tan. The moisturiser acts as a barrier between your skin and the tanning formula that will prevent the tan from sticking to your skin cells. All you need to do before your tan is exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate!

Happy Tanning




As the sun sets on summer and winter creeps in, it’s time to bid farewell to that beach tan.

From wind to heating, harsh winter elements leave skin dry and dull. But with the use of pureTAN’s range of premium tanning and skincare products, you can maintain a radiant glow year round.

winter tan

To create a natural looking tan throughout winter, pureTAN has developed three products that work to develop a subtle glow; Everyday Gradual Tan, Face Tan and Light/Medium Tanning Foam. Each product will revive your skin and have you looking like you just stepped off the plane from Santorini.

Enriched with the highly nourishing and anti-ageing properties of 100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, the gradual tanning moisturiser adds a touch of tan each day until you reach your desired level of bronze. Both the Gradual Tan and Face Tan include an SPF 15 to assist with skin protection and anti-ageing.

The pureTAN Face Tan is ultra light and prevents a winter washed-out face. It contains a gentle, fast drying tan and can be worn alone or under makeup. It is non greasy and won’t clog your pores. But don’t forget to match your makeup to your new tan.

Developed for busy people who demand a rich tan now, the pureBronze Instant Tanning Foam is available in 2 shades, Dark and Light/Medium. For a more natural looking tan during winter, pureTAN recommend the use of the Light/Medium which is a moisturiser based formulation including soothing aloe vera and green tea. The non-streaky formulation conditions your skin as you tan. The ultimate winter skin life saver!

Each product will guarantee that you look and feel great year round. Survive this winter with pureTAN.

All products are available now at www.puretan.com.au, MYER, Priceline, Big W and selected salons & pharmacies nationwide. Click HERE for locations.

Gradual Tan $17.95

Gradual Tan $17.95

Face Tan $19.95

Face Tan $19.95

Instant Tanning Foam $34.95

Instant Tanning Foam $34.95


To tan or not to tan while pregnant? Reevaluating your beauty routine when you’re pregnant is a very important thing to do for the health of your baby. Women use so many chemicals on their body every day from soap and shampoo, to hair dye, nail polish and makeup. So it’s only natural to research what parts of your regular beauty routine are now safe or unsafe.

We get tonnes of enquiries about the safety of using self tan during pregnancy – so here’s the answer mummy’s…. Salon spray tans and home tanning application products are considered to be safe in pregnancy. The active ingredient in fake tan (DHA) is non-toxic. DHA does not penetrate the outer layer of the skin, so is not absorbed into the blood stream, which makes it perfectly fine to use whilst pregnant. Sun beds are definitely not safe. Aside from the unsafe levels of UV rays, it is dangerous in pregnancy to have an elevated body temperature. So if you’re feeling a bit pale, stick to a spray tan or home application.

Our pureTAN range is 100% Australian made and contains natural plant based and organic ingredients including Green Tea, Aloe Vera , Organic Coconut oil and macadamia oil. The DHA used in our spray tan is natural plant based DHA derived from sugar cane and formula is free from parabens, Pegs, sulphates and mineral oils.

With her second baby on the way, pureTAN founder Danielle Fletcher is an advocate for tanning throughout a pregnancy. She loves keeping a golden glow whilst pregnant – it’s the one thing to make her feel sexy and hides all the bumps and lumps!

The gorgeous Sarah Jane Young – Lifestyle blogger at She is Sarah Jane,  and founder of @mummieswholunch is a huge fan of our range and kept her golden glow all through her pregnancy with baby Mia using our PureBronze Instant tanning foam and professional spray tan in Dark.

Let’s face it. A tan makes you feel good and we all love to be glowing from tip to toe, so embrace your beautiful bronzed curves.



sarah jane youngpuretan pregnancy

 miranda kerr pregnant pregnant celebrity  chrissy teigen pregnant


We know that applying fake tan to your body can be hard enough, but when it comes to your face it’s something most of us have yet to conquer; luckily PureTAN’s Face Tan makes tanning your face a whole lot easier with it’s ultra light-weight cream that is instantly absorbed leaving your skin feeling light and naturally bronzed.

face tanHere’s how to do it:

Be face ready

Wash your face with your normal cleanser and then gently exfoliate your face, making sure you keep away from oil-based products as oils create a barrier towards tan.

There is no need to moisturize your face as our PureTAN Face tan has a moisturising formulation, including coconut oil. It also includes an SPF 15, so it protects your skin while it nourishes and tans.

Apply the Tan

Wash and dry your hands and make sure you are in a well lit space so that you can see exactly how and where you’re applying the tan to your face. Apply a small amount of PureTAN Face tan – about the size of a small coin – and don’t forget you can always add more if you like later.

Apply the tan as if you were applying moisturizer, using circular motions with your fingertips to blend it evenly as you would a foundation all around your face up to your hair line and under your chin.

If you’re a first timer, PureTAN’s self-tan application Mitt makes your application a lot easier to blend in. And using a small amount the first time allows for the option to apply more later if you haven’t achieved your desired tan yet.


Wash your hands immediately and wait 10-15 minutes for the formula to dry.

Don’t forget to use a foundation that matches your new sun kissed colour to ensure it looks as natural as possible.

Happy tanning


Sarah Czarnuch, GLOW GIRL.

She’s beautiful, intelligent and seriously funny..

GLOW GIRL, Sarah Czarnuch


We first met Sarah when she became one of our #PureBeauties over a year ago, as a true advocate for our brand. Sarah’s obviously stunning, but everything else that comes with her made her the ultimate pureTAN girl.

So.. we set our sights on her, took her to Bali to shoot our new campaign, and we’re thrilled to announce Sarah as the newest face of pureTAN.

We had a quick chat with the easy-going Geelong babe today to get to know her a little better. Because our time in Bali together just wasn’t enough! See below our quick ten Q&A’s with Sarah.

Happy weekend x

sarah czarnuch

Nickname:  Sez-Bomb

Current mood:  pumped for the weekend! Haha

How did you start your career: I kind of just fell into it while I was studying at uni. It was a lot more exciting than working part time in retail.

Favourite part of your job: The fact that every day you get to do something completely different and that you’re always meeting new people.  The overseas travel is also a huge bonus!

Best kept beauty secret: I’m not sure how well kept this is, but I can’t go past coconut oil! It’s amazing, for your hair, skin and even cooking.

3 Things you can’t live without:  Coffee, family and friends and food

Favourite holiday destination:  Hawaii

Currently listening to:  the Biebs 

Whats next for you:  work is crazy this time of the year, so plenty of shoots and campaigns then back to Singapore mid year for fashion week!

Favourite pureTAN product:  The gradual tanner is my go to product, I absolutely love how easy and low maintenance it is. And the colour is amazing and so natural!


Follow Sarah on instagram @sarah_czarnuch


The first month of 2016 is nearly coming to a close and we’re already day dreaming of sun kissed skin, fruity cocktails and poolside chills so; we’ve picked our own top 5 getaway destinations for our fellow dreamers.



Set atop cliffs that drop down to a crystal clear ocean, Karma Kandara is our number 1 pick for the ultimate destination to relax and enjoy absolute summer luxury. And did we mention that it’s not far from home, situated in the exquisite Uluwatu, Bali?

With huge private villa’s scattered along winding cobble stone pathways that lead to a blissful infinity pool and breath taking views across the blue seas, each villa has it’s own private pool.

The food and drink offering is world-class, available at the Di Mare restaurant set high above the resort. And take the cable cart down to the Karma Beach Club to indulge in massages on the white sandy beach, cabanas, cocktails and snorkelling.

One word of warning- watch out for Monkey’s getting a little too friendly. They stole bikini’s from our campaign shoot!




Grace Hotel is the ultimate Luxury boutique hotel on the cliff tops of Santorini with the most breathtaking views and jaw dropping sunsets.

Grace hotel has not only one pool but also two, including an infinity pool that over looks Greece’s Aegaen Sea where you can soak up the Mediterranean sun or enjoy a cocktail by the poolside bar.

Grace Hotel invites guests for a romantic dinner at their sea view restaurant or under the open sky to indulge in fine Greek cuisine from the Mediterranean Sea.

Coming away from Grace Hotel you will feel relaxed and ready for the next Greek Island adventure.



The Four Seasons Resort is situated in the tropical Paradise of Bora Bora Island where you can go to relax and restore. Four Seasons is nestled around Bora Bora’s turquoise lagoon with spacious over-water bungalows and on shore villas along a private beach.

Four Seasons Resort also offers water sport activities for those who love a bit of adventure. Enjoy the resorts on-site activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and shark feeding or immerse in the islands history and visit the cannons that guarded the island that was an American Stronghold during World War II.

The Four Seasons is the ultimate escape for you to unwind and explore what the Island has to offer.



The Mondrian Hotel in Miami is the ideal hotel for a fun filled holiday for you and your girlfriends to unwind and immerse in the Miami nightlife.

The Mondrian is within a mile of South Beach, eateries shopping and nightlife; although you don’t necessary need to escape the Hotels perimeters. You can easily enjoy a night within the hotel sipping on their speciality cocktails at the Sunset Lounge; enjoy a meal al Fresco or head out to their private marine exclusively for guests use.

If you’re feeling guilty from all the indulging you did the night before, Mondrian offers guests an indoor gym to work off all those cocktails. Or instead, you can relax on the poolside lounge or enjoy the various services the Spa has to offer.

The Mondrian Hotel has everything to offer and if that’s not enough it’s only a few minutes away from Downtown Miami.



Hotel Marincanto is a 5 star hotel built into the cliffs of Italy’s coast. Over looking the Mediterranean ocean, Maricanto will take your breath away.

The Hotel offers guests’ the elegant and classic Italian style rooms and suites with panoramic ocean views, although the rooms are not the only place to take in the Italian coast line.

Marincanto’s terrace offers guests a chance to take in the amazing crystal blue water from the beach below while enjoying a meal. The infinity pool that stretches along the outskirts of the hotel allows guests to take in the colourful an amazingly structured Italian architecture.

Only walking distance from restaurants with Italian cuisine that will make your mouth water, the beach front where you can lay on the colourful sunbeds or up to the shopping strip Hotel Marincanto is the perfect spot for your Italian get away on the Italy’s coast.


Don’t forget to pack our Pure Moisture Travel Pack, including coconut body scrub, organic coconut oil and coconut body crème to keep your holiday skin hydrated and glowing.

Pure Moisture Coconut Body Trio Set Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.00.58 pmCoconut


The most exciting news of the year has arrived! We’re thrilled to unveil our brand new Pure Beauty campaign featuring the spectacularly beautiful Brooke Hogan, Madison Edwards and Sarah Czarnuch.


Bikinis and kaftans packed, we travelled to one of our favourite holiday destinations, balmy Bali, to spend a few days relaxing poolside with the girls (and cocktails in hand!) at the stunning Karma Kandara resort, and shoot our favourite campaign yet!

From the sparkling turquoise blue pool to the white sandy beach below the cliffs, this luxe resort played the ultimate back drop.

Photographer Bonnie Cee captured the bronzed beauties effortlessly in their element, while makeup artist Bonnie Gillies perfected the girls tan with our range of products.

Bonnie G spray tanned the girls the night before the shoot in our dark spray tanning solution and added an extra layer of bronze the day of the shoot using our Instant Wash Off Bronzer. Finally, an ample lathering of our organic coconut oil on their bodies added an extra sheen and enhanced the tan for the shots.

Stylist Nicole Lucas not only brought a whole lot of LOL’s to the trip, but pulled the looks together for the shoot with a splash of her personality shining through in the colours and accessories. Nicole styled the girls in Jets Swimwear, Kopper and Zink, and Suboo.


After a day in the scorching sun with an incredible team, we finished it off with a refreshing group jump into the pool.

Our villas, each with their own private pool, were a relaxing sanctuary to unwind after the shoot. But the following day we were ready for a new adventure…

The girls all jumped in a car and we headed to Seminyak for a serious girl-time session.

First up we did a little shopping at the markets (hello crochet bikini’s!), followed by hour long massages at BodyWorks. Then it was time to get down to business.. a swim and cocktails at Ku De Ta, then onto Motel Mexico for taco’s, too many margarita’s to remember and a few sneaky tequila shots. And last but not least, we headed to La Favela for a serious boogie on the dance floor.

Needless to say, we all felt a little dusty the following day but the incredibly fun night was worth it. And what better place to recover than at Karma Kandara?

Now we’re back and ready to make 2016 our year, and we’re kicking things off with the first instalment of our killer new campaign. We hope you love it as much as we do, and we can’t wait to show you more over the coming months.

And don’t forget, we’re on the hunt for our next pure beauties so if you want to be a part of our next shoot, ensure you tag your tanned pictures with #purebeauty @puretan.

Glow xx

pure beauty campaign

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors Karma Kandara, Jets Swimwear & Kopper and Zink.

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